"They were excited to participate in the activities and couldn't wait for their turns. I would recommmend this program to anyone interested in providing something a little different for their students"

Kathy B.

Lads N' Lasses Teacher 


"Very interesting and creative way to 'perform' a story!."

Patti Sheetz

Wee Care Administrator (Kentwood)


"We all enjoyed the lessons and I cannot wait to have them back again for another activity."

Mandi Kwallek

Lads N' Lasses Teacher



"Their performance and her reading were very entertaining---everyone loved it!

Marilyn Barcikoski

SADC Director

"Heyee, I got the items. They are AMAZING. I love them. You all are sooo talented. My teachers are ranting and raving about them. They are washable and fit right in line with DCFS guidelines of felt boards for learning. I'll definitely be getting more stuff from you. Thanks!"

Marlene Allen-Harrison

Project Hope, Chicago Illinois

Hi Adia! Thanks again for bringing your show to OH WOW! I think that everyone really enjoyed it! Although I did not get to see the entire show, I noticed how engaged the children were and how professional your presentation was. The colorful costumes and creative way you presented mathematics was a real crowd pleaser! The only negative comment I heard was that perhaps the show could have been a bit shorter. Other than that, all I heard was raves! Did you get some good publicity as a result? I did hear you were featured in the Tribune.

Audra Carlson

OH WOW Education Manager

The hands on part of the show, when the kids got the streamers to play with and when they got to plant a seed, were my favorite parts of the show. I would definitely bring my kids to another show. They were extremely engaged and talked about it the rest of the day. ....The kids in this show were far more sucked in then anything I've seen before. My two sat still and focused more then I've ever seen them other then tv.

Abby Chandler

Mom, Liberty Ohio



We loved the story, especially that it was a fall story and not a spooky story, and that it had a good moral.  One person thought maybe it was a tad over the littlest heads, but we had really young children.  Having the keyboard is wonderful, and your costumes are great!  Your interaction with the kids, asking questions, and repetition of the song really made the overall show wonderful! 

Rebecca Mattern

Canfield Presbyterian Church

Canfield, Ohio



Lads N Lasses Academy 

8388 Tod Ave. Boardman, Ohio 

Wee Care Day Care

1101 Ford Ave. Youngstown, Ohio

Wee Care Day care

801 Kentwood Dr. Boardman, Ohio

Wee Care Day care

1145 Niles Cortland NW. Warren, Ohio


Tiny Faces Child Care

211 Redondo Rd, Youngstown, OH 44504
(330) 743-1778

Some of our experience

Rates Our Programs:

Rates Our Programs:

Rates Our Programs:

  • Linda & The Rainbow

  • Little Paleontologist

  • Two Bite Club

  • Dem bones Inside You

  • Whats going on out there?

  • The Deep Sea Smile

  • When this caterpillar Grows Up

Creative Corner Learning Center Inc.

1463 Shields Rd. 

Youngstown, Ohio

(330) 270-1550

  • The Deep Sea Smile

  • Dem Bones Inside You

The Butler Art Institue

(Howland Branch)

9350 East Market Street
Howland Township, Ohio 
(330) 609-9900

  • Precious Water

Rates Our Programs:

  • Charity & Oz

  • Seeds of Faith

Granny Pooh



Granny Pooh Child Care

406 Breadon St

Youngstown, OH 
(330) 397-5535

Rates Our Programs:

  • Picnic Surprise

  • The ScareCrow & the Pumpkin Patch

Not yet rated.


Kollege Tots & Kids

121 E Rayen Ave, Youngstown, OH 44503
(330) 740-0323

Rates Our Programs:

  • Dem Bones


OH WOW! The Roger & Gloria Jones
Children's Center for Science & Technology
11 W. Federal Street, Youngstown, OH 44503
 (330) 744-5914

Rates Our Programs:

  • But Mom's Not A Robot

  • Pizza Pi Time!

  • Magic Gingerbread Cookie

  • Crazy Monsters & Aliens

  • Magic Gingerbread Cookie

  • Three Pigs & A Bully

  • Magical Seeds

  • Special Dandelion

  • The Brightest Star


Mill Creek Metroparks

Fellows Riverside Gardens

123 McKinley Ave, Youngstown, OH 44509
(330) 740-7116


Rates Our Programs:

  • Magical Seeds

  • Im Not Too Little

Not yet rated.

  • Three Pig & A Bully

  • Pumpkin Patch Friends


The Jewish Community Center Of Youngstown

ewish Community Center of Youngstown
505 Gypsy Lane, Youngstown, Ohio 44504



Rates Our Programs:

  • Im Not Too Little


FeltSmart's Forest Studioz

Canfield Rd, Youngstown, Ohio 445



Christine Elan Webster reviewed FeltSmart's Forest Studioz — 4 star

November 14, 2017 ·

My daughter's experience was outstanding. She was able to participate at her own level of comfort, and she grew in the confidence she needed to be able to express herself. The set and costumes were beautiful, and Ms Love is very creative... with an excellent eye for design. But most importantly, the children adore her!

Joan Molinaro Deak reviewed FeltSmart's Forest Studioz — 5 star

August 7, 2016 ·

Forest Studioz is a great place for your children. Great structure, friendly, learning experience. They care about your child.

Yolanda Yo Lewis reviewed FeltSmart's Forest Studioz — 5 star

November 14, 2017 ·

My daughter loves going to Forest Studios! It’s a place when she can lean and be creative. I value this program. Miss Love is a wonderful teacher!

Kitwanna Bailey reviewed FeltSmart's Forest Studioz — 5 star

November 14, 2017 ·

The owner is great with kids, and she is super creative. My son learned to express himself in a constructive manner. My wife and I, greatly appreciate the growth in our son