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Good Touch Bad Touch

Good Touch Bad Touch Soft Board

  • Teach small children what is appropriate touch

  • Use as a safe visual aid

  • Start a very needed conversation

  • Helps children explain what they cannot 

  • Use to reinforce daily rules 

Pizza Tutorial

Beginner Math Facts Soft Board

  • Teach & tutor small children basic math facts in a fun way

  • Use as a stress free visual aid

  • Teach a small group and review daily math facts

  • Take the work out of math and make it fun for everyone

  • Help the kids remember by creating role play

Care Instructions

Caring For your felt order

  • Every order is custom therefore different

  • We use adhesives such as Hot Glue or Gorilla Glue

  • Many orders have stitching, which is done by a professional sewing machine

  • Many details such as shading or fonts are hand painted with acrylics or Scribbles puffy paint and may not be permanent

  • Wrinkles can be steamed away or lightly ironed with a barrier between the iron(temp warm) and the design

  • Felt will nap up and develop balls, but be careful to not let a lot develop at one time,

  • Remove nap or balls with finger tips, lightly rub with a hair shaver or lint shaver. 

  • Remove hair and other loose debree with a tape rollar

  • Small manipulatives should be cleaned in a very small basin or bowl of mildly soapy water. But do not submerge or keep soaking in water. Let air dry.


  • Warning : Very flammable. Store and use away from heating units and keep away from fires and smoke.