by Adia Love & Co.


  • Original Storytelling

  • Live Performance w/ Forest Dwellers


  • Fun & Touchable Props 

  • Forest Setting

  • Characters in unique costumes

  • Discussions about the story

  • Roleplay & Volunteers  

  • Music & Sing A Long

  • Giveaways

We have:

The New Mother Nature

A few of our LOVE stories:

Bee Strike

by Adia Love & Alayna

This Honey Bee is tired of working and playing alone so

she goes on strike. She refuses to get back to work

unless more bees join and people plant the right flowers

for her friends. A magical, engaging story and

important lesson on friendship and environment.



by Adia Love & Alayna

Oope the cave girl is on a clumsy adventures in the Stone Age. She overcomes her fears, learns how to say sorry and makes new friends. A great friendship story and lesson on history.

The Special


Be apart of our story about 

how I was bullied and watch as I transform myself from

a docile little dandelion to a ferocious and very sad lion who is tired of being picked on

and pulled up. And learn a very important lesson on friendship.

My pet caterpillar, eats so much at the picnic that she gets sleepy and goes to bed in a tree. When she wakes up she'll be a butterfly! She teaches children the cycle of a butterfly with this  original FeltSmart Story.

The Pet


by Adia Love & Alayna

Every story is new, fun and engaging!